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Generate Passive Income with Cash Flow

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Enhanced Property Value through Appreciation

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Experience the ease of wealth building as we navigate the complexities, allowing you to focus on what matters most while your investments work for you. Unlock the potential of hassle-free prosperity with Archer Acquisition Group.


Apartment Building

A multifamily syndication entails a collaborative partnership wherein a group of investors pools their funds to collectively acquire substantial assets that may be challenging for an individual to obtain..

Meet Jay


Jay Jackson is a distinguished entrepreneur and investor, best known as the founder of Archer Acquisition Group, a private equity firm based in Atlanta, Georgia. With a focus on multifamily syndications and investments, Jay brings a wealth of experience in property and asset management to his role...

Get acquainted with the dedicated individuals who form the backbone of our team, each bringing unique expertise and passion to drive our collective success.

Meet the rest of the Team

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Brick Wall Building

Archer Acquisition Group, in collaboration with our team of advisors, has established a robust track record encompassing over 5,000 well-performing multifamily units across the United States.

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Explore the steps to invest with Archer Acquisition Group. Our rigorous investment criteria guide us in selecting and securing ideal properties in the multifamily market. Investors receive comprehensive information to carefully evaluate opportunities aligned with their investment parameters and goals. The majority of our investments involve private 506-B placements, exclusively offered to investors who have completed our brief investor form and engaged in a personalized discussion with a member of our team.

Participate in our Investor Community by completing your name and address form

Provide responses to a brief set of questions on our Investor Form

Arrange a call to explore your goals and address any inquiries you may have

Gain exclusive access to comprehensive details on our most recent investment prospects.

Complete a set of documents within our investor portal to formalize your status as an our investor.

  • What is the typical hold time for a property?
    Most of our deals are underwritten to a 5 year hold, but this can vary based on the business plan and market conditions.
  • What is the minimum investment to start?
    It can vary depending on the deal, but typically $50k – $75k.
  • Can I invest with my retirement account?
    Yes! We accept self directed IRA and Solo 401(k) funds. If you don’t know if your account qualifies, please reach out to us to help.
  • How often will I receive distributions?
    Investors receive profits from the cashflow of the property quarterly.
  • How does the investment process work?
    Prospective investors receive an Offering Memorandum which details the fund’s target property types, markets, and projected returns. Investors complete the investment documents and contribute capital. Profit checks and investment updates are delivered to investors each quarter.
  • How can I get into contact with the company?
    You can setup a call or send us a message from the contact page on this website.
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