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Modern Housing Complex


Managing Partner


Jay Jackson is a distinguished entrepreneur and investor, best known as the founder of Archer Acquisition Group, a private equity firm based in Atlanta, Georgia. With a focus on multifamily syndications and investments, Jay brings a wealth of experience in property and asset management to his role. 

Jay is a military veteran and is currently in law enforcement. His dedication to helping first responders create generational wealth has been a driving force in his career, reflecting his passion for supporting those who serve their communities.



Director of Acquisitions:


Marissa has a BBA from Mercer university and is a Realtor. Marissa has held many positions in real estate but has found her niche to be in investing and specifically in acquisitions. In her role as Director of Acquisitions, Marissa has studied markets and cultivated relationships with investors and brokers to find the best opportunities. Her strong suit lies in not only understanding the business side of real estate, but appreciating the power of relationships and networking for growth.

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Senior Asset Analyst:


Sheila McKee, Senior Asset Analyst at Archer Acquisitions, leverages her background in education, including a master’s degree in instructional technology, to drive the optimization of real estate assets within syndications. Using her expertise, she evaluates and implements continuous improvement strategies, coordinating professional development initiatives to enhance property management and acquisitions.

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