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A multifamily syndication entails a collaborative partnership wherein a group of investors pools their funds to collectively acquire substantial assets that may be challenging for an individual to obtain. The standard framework comprises general partners and limited partners.


The General Partner, also known as the syndicator, assumes the responsibility of overseeing the property throughout its lifecycle, including acquisition, loan approval, due diligence, renovation, and daily operations. They bear full liability for the company and its decision-making.


Limited Partners, on the other hand, are passive investors who contribute to a portion of the equity investment. Typically, they are not actively engaged in the day-to-day operations of the company and carry no personal liability beyond their initial investment.

In simple words

Imagine buying a huge apartment building. Instead of one person doing it alone, a bunch of people join forces. Each person chips in some money, like a team pooling their resources.

There's usually someone experienced leading the team, making important decisions and handling the day-to-day stuff like finding tenants and taking care of the property.

When the apartment makes money (from rent, for example), everyone in the team gets a piece of the profit. It's like sharing the success together.

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