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Generate Passive Income with Cash Flow

Investing in real estate allows you to capitalize on the monthly cash flow generated by the property. Cash flow represents the remaining amount after subtracting the property's expenses from its income, often derived from rent. As each investor is entitled to a portion of the property's cash flow proportionate to their investment, and this income is distributed directly to their bank accounts, it is commonly referred to as "passive income".

Enhanced Property Value through Appreciation

Property appreciation signifies a growth in its value over time. The higher the appreciation of an asset, the greater the profit realized upon its refinancing or sale. In addition to this natural appreciation, we increase the value of our assets by increasing their net operating income, which in turn, further increases their value.

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Tax Advantages

While we are not professional tax accountants and strongly advise seeking proper counsel, owning real estate presents substantial tax savings and significant advantages compared to traditional investments like stocks and bonds. Investors in apartment buildings often find themselves paying minimal to no taxes due to loopholes in the tax codes. For personalized tax benefit information, it is recommended to consult with your tax professional. 

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